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Untitled What's New

Won't it be nice to revisit and view online -- at your own pace and time -- the works of some of your favorite artists?

The initial focus of Untitled The Art Archive would be the more prominent artists that made seminal contributions in specific art period or movement. However, we shall feature also other artists that appeal to us. We hope that you will enjoy their works of art as well.

Trying To, 1993
Elizabeth Murray
Untitled National Gallery of Art
(Washington D.C.)

  • Featured Artists
    At present, the list of featured artists are alphabetized so that you can access them using the A-Z navigation links (shown at the top). Alternatively, the featured artists are categorized under the major art movement that they have been associated with.

    The ultimate goal would be to provide you with an integrated view and trace the development of the works of art of each artist. An example of what we are trying to develop here is shown in:

    an American artist, renowned for his dramatic portrayal of American life and scenery (beach and seascapes, boys and girls at work or play, American frontier and scenery, American sports (fishing, hunting, etc.), Civil War, etc.), during the mid 19th to the early 20th century.

  • Art Education
    The focus here would be to introduce you to the introductory online art education sections of the major art museums and galleries all over the world.

  • Online Tours
    This is a companion section of the Art Education section. Here, you will be introduced to specific periods or movements in the arts.

  • Art Museums
    It is almost impossible to integrate the entire collections of all the museums and art galleries in the world in the artists index included in this website. This section will introduce you to the art museums and galleries with extensive collections available to the public through the internet.

If you are an art historian, curator or have an avid interest in the arts, please join us in developing these sections. Untitled


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