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Untitled The Art Archive section of the Untitled Treasures of the Internet invites you to explore and appreciate the world of art. The universal language of art provides glimpses to the higher aspirations and goals of peoples around the world. In this troubled times, art can become an instrument of peace, based on its ability to accentuate the shared aspirations even among divergent cultures.

Untitled Michelangelo
When we begin to understand the art of other peoples and cultures, we may realize that their dreams and yearnings are no different from our own. This revelation may prod us to appreciate our common bonds as human beings. We may even shed unfounded fears of other peoples -- created mostly by our lack of understanding of other cultures.

What is art? Here, a work of art is defined as a creation that endeavors to seek the beauty or reality of the world we live in. An individual whose work can provoke our minds and inspire us to appreciate "the good, noble, beautiful and true" is an artist.

A work of art therefore is defined not only by the conception of the artist but also by the perception of the audience of the creation. In this interplay, the artist must be guided exclusively by the inner urge to create and share a vision; while the audience is motivated mainly by the eternal search for "the good, noble, beautiful and true".

In this interplay, it is quite possible that the original intent of the artist may not jive with the perception and reception of the audience. It is even the case that an individual will have evolving perception of a single work of art, depending on the time, space and stage in life.

"Art" therefore is subjective; and the debate about "good and bad art" is irrelevant. Both the artist and the audience must resist the temptation to be guided by the whims of critics and other institutional arbiters of art.

With the above as guiding principles, Untitled The Art Archive will not become an arbiter of what is "good or bad" art. Instead, it aims to serve primarily as a gateway to facilitate your search of some of the "best" that internet has to offer in the world of art.

Rome was not built in a day. It will take time to create a good art website. An examination of the collection of the National Gallery of Art (Washington, D.C.) alone revealed a collection from almost ten thousand different artists (many of whose works have not been digitized). Just imagine how many more artists would there be, if the collection of other larger galleries, like the Louvre (Paris), National Gallery, Tate and Victoria and Albert Museum (London), and many others in the United States and other countries are integrated. It is impractical therefore to have a comprehensive listing of all artists or their work in a single internet site.

While an artist index, with more than 10,000 entries, is included here (view the A-Z navigation index above), Untitled The Art Archive will focus in introducing you to the major artists who have shaped the direction of art during the ages. At present, the emphasis is on Western Art. However, because of other larger goals of this website, as intimated above, we plan eventually to include art of other cultures and people; not just the historical (ancient) art that you find in museums and galleries but also the contemporary artists of other countries. To understand better what we are trying to accomplish here, please visit the following sections:
As far as Untitled The Art Archive is concerned, "art" will be defined by those involved in the creation of this website. We invite you therefore to participate in the creation of this art archive. All that is required of you is the sense of appreciation of "the good, noble, beautiful and true" and the desire to share your perception of the world with others.

Please get in touch with us, if you have other interests, related to arts or other sections of the Untitled Treasures of the Internet and would like to invest part of your time and effort to create such sections for this website.

This section and other sites in Untitled Treasures of the Internet will be in state of flux for quite awhile. Visit the Untitled What's new section, to find out recent additions, developments and changes since your last visit.



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